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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Bright Lights And Angels.

I have a theory, and so far it hasn't failed me, that if I don't look up into his great brown eyes, I'll never feel the terror of let down again. Sadly, this involves looking down, averting my eyes to watch somebody else, or preferbly his nose or his rosebud lips or his usually windswept hair while he speaks. Even his voice is alluring, leaving me beguiled at the end of our conversations. I sometimes wonder if he may be magical, but everytime I look up into his eyes, this sadness overcomes and drowns me, and I realise that hes just another awkward teenager who has no idea he broke my heart.


  1. Oh sweetyyyy!!!!
    This is so adorable and u look gorgeous in the picture!
    Dont be afraid to look into his eyes.
    Cause the eyes are the mirror to the soul.
    And in his soul you might find out something you never expected.
    Like the fact that your -not looking straight in his eyes- breaks his heart as well. :)

  2. No, he does not realize....i feel so terribly your pain, dear. i do feel it...i love it when you write, "I'll never feel the terror of let down again" this is one rationality that I've had so many times before...

  3. dont worry i was also scared at first but once you learn to control the sadness you see in him its when the happines truly comes out.

  4. Don't let this get you down. My 'he' won't ever realize how much he hurt me, but there something in our closeness now that satisfies me even though.
    It will get better, Love. It will.
    Just look in his eyes, and you'll know.
    [ps - you look adorable! <3]


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