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Monday, 1 March 2010

I Wish I Could Say I Loved You Still.

I need to get this out.
So times are changing and I can tell 'cos me and my friends are being torn apart. So me and three of the girls in my group have gotten so close over the holiday, and while we've been in Molly's basement building a fort and watching Hey Arnold! the movie, another girl in my group has completely detatched and leeched on to this bitchy girl group who all hate our group, apart from her, I guess. And while that's been happening, I don't even know what the other two have been doiing since the end of the holiday, but we all were reunited at a party on saturday, well apart from the girl who separated herself who's gotten herself into trouble with her new group and is grounded, but me, Molly, Star and Kate are like HEY to our otheer two friends, and the Artie's like HEY I'm Japanese. But Ronnie's all moody and shiet, and then after everyone's gone, she texts Arts like I really like you and want to be more than friends.
And I really don't know what's going on anymore?

Oh well.

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  1. arrrh, i know what you mean, just got out of a load of sheit with my friends. we had one girl who was really down all the time, and then we were concerned about her but she took it the wrong way. we all got really pissed, and in the end, we ended up talking to that girl's mum, and she really helped, haha! we thought we were gonna get a lecture, but obviously not!! not saying you should do that, (lol!) but yeah, talk to that girl and ask her who she'd rather be friends with, then go from there. at least you've got all your other groovy friends, who by the look of it are pretty awesome! i mean come on HEY ARNOLD, oh those were the days. anyway REEALLLY long comment, but oh well! remember, "everything will be OK in the end. if it's not OK, it's not the end." xo


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