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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Fire Round The Brim.

and an AWARD.
Shiny or what?
So 7 things about myself?
1. Potential names as a baby: Andromeda, Athena, Anastacia, Cydney and Felicity (first three my mythology loving papa's choices, other two my boring mamas.)
2. The last boy who showed intrest in me has just come out as gay. Not even bi... GAY.
3. I am absolutely obsessed with Gary Barlow, when I'm on an episode I lock myself in the shoe cpboard and listen to The Circus and cry.
4. I'm such a sucker for a boy in chinos. Or any type of beige trousers.
5. I have a deformed hand - only three fingers, Nick, Kevin and Joe.
6. I have SO many secret embarrassing crushes: Alan Rickman, Lupin,
Artie from Glee, Kurt from Glee, all of Take That, Tom from McFly, Grindelwald, Freddie Highmore, JUSTIN BIEBER... Shet, I didn't realise the list was that long :|:|
7. I don't really know about me, I'm a bit of a mess to be honest. Just a scribble with needs that are never fulfilled.

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