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Saturday, 21 March 2009

My Best Friend, Bruce Forsythe.

All I need are the simple things:

  • A vintage bike
  • Some loose skinny fit Gap jeans
  • That This Charming Girl vintage locket I ordered TWO WEEKS AGO, and on recorded delivery aswell.
  • Some new inks
  • Some sweet-tune Tm-N music
  • Thick-rimmed dork glasses
  • A hug?


I've been really sad this week. I don't remember why. I told Ellen and I got a hug and we listened to Surf medley and little Joanna all the way the 352 can take us. She's sympathetic and doesn't mock, or patronize me, which is why I choose to tell her insteard of say, RUBEY-ELIZABETH MANDELL. Like my Mum always told me, sometimes your best friend can be your worst enemy. It's not that I don't love her, its not that she doesn't read my blog, which she doesn't, even though I check her Myspace at least once a week, its just that her open arms are weak. God, I sound like my Mother.

Oh well, it's probably just her getting revenge for all those times I've told her she looks like Bruce Forsythe, which she does. (:p.)

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  1. oh my god. i sooo want a vintage bike.
    a sort of cath kidston pattern would be cool, oui ? aaaaaah ..


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