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Sunday, 1 March 2009

All That I Am, All That I Dream.

Bestfriends and basslines. I think that I might be in love.

Myspace is streaming The Mid-Nineties as I wait in anticipation for April. In April Tm-N's album comes out and BY April I will have heard back from the BRITs school. So, uh, fingers crossed. The familiar bassline of Red Jeans crackles as it comes out of the computers crappy speakers, but it still sounds beautiful. Which reminds me; whatever has happenned to Joe Hughes? I don't know. They say that our Father figures reflect who we love, as they are our only source of manly authority, and therefore the ones we look up to. I've always thought this a load of crap, but here, yet again, I find myself falling for another Northern bass player.

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