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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Chasing Lights.

I'm sitting in my usual computer spot - inbetween the radiator and the settee, thinking DO SOME ART DO SOME ART DO SOME ART DO SOME DAMN ART, NATALIE ROSE HILL. And my Mum keeps saying it too. And my uncle Michael, which is kinda random because he's living in my sisters bedroom even though he lives in Australia. Lucky sod. So, off today I went to Hastings, one of the best places in the world possibly. Daddy took me to Aunty Queenie's house (coolest name in the whole entire world?). She has the best house ever. And now we've just got home. I love driving home in the dark. I made my dad listen to Scott Mills and then fell asleep, chasing cats eyes and letting the road marks hypnotise and seduce me into dreamland.

I think it's weird that people think that I'm rich, just because I speak well and have nice clothes and have hobbies like doing art, or going to art galleries, and because I had my very own dressing room before we moved and because I've moved to 13 different houses in 13 years.

I'd like a hug. Give me a hug? Because I love you, I really do. And I thought it really sweet when you said about the bubblewrap, which is why my whole blog is even called bubblewrap, apart from the fact that my favorite song is called bubblewrap (youtube it - I can play it on the piano.) but the song and what you said are practically the same message. I hope you know that I'm talking to you, because I know that you like to read my blog alot, which is also nice.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is tar me dar.

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