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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Paint Me A Picture.

I like to draw.

Its one of the only things that I can truly say that I'm quite good at. Its one of the most edifying hobbies that I could know and I think that you should try it some time.

And heres what I'm trying to say, even if it sounds super duper weird. When you're trying so hard to draw someone, you have no choice but to look at them, like actually look at them, and draw what you see. You know every bump, every flaw shown, basically everything. I've spent two and a half weeks perfecting one of my best friends jawline, and I think that finally after about a year and a half, I can understand them. I can understand everything. And thats it. I've come to terms with my friends death and even though I know that he can never see their perfected jawline, which makes me sad as hell, and I'm still manically sad about him, I can finally face the fact that he's gone, but I'll always have this to remember him by:

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