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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Do You Remember How We Started? Fairy Tale Got Twisted & Decayed.

They dragged me to a foreign land I knew well. They stared as they stoned, dragged me out to sea. They pulled me through the dark while my brain went into spasms - If I was dying would you have walked away? Thats what they did. But somehow I'm drawn. I ran and I ran until I was back by their side. They showed me things I'd never seen. They laughed at my ignorance. They got me drunk. They stoned me. I did things I never would have done. I lay on the floor in hysteria. They walked away and I ambled after them, tears running down past my heart-shaped glasses, flowers tumbling down with my salt-washed hair as I tripped through cobbled lanes after them. They shoved a bag over my head and showed me the station. I waved goodbye as the lovers walked off giggling in the distance.


My day was CRAP, thankyou very much.


  1. Just wanted to say, I really like your blog!!

    You have a different way of writing, that's sort of sarcastic & funny, and kind of comforting.. I don't know hahah.... but it reminds me of me and my friends :) x

  2. hahaa, thanks :)
    nice to hear someone appreciates it
    (sideways glance at english teacher)


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