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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Oh, Darling, Who Needs Love.

Hey blog and bloggers, it's been a while.
Since last time I saw you, I...
Broke a trampoline, experimented with drugs, got my shoes stolen, threw up purple sick, got thrown out of Hyde park, got some speakers crushed by a policeman (WTF DUDE?!), named some rats after myself, made friends with Hadouken!'s support band (who were such twats, but said they'd get us in to the gig), met up with old friends - I never realised how much you could miss people, saw the legend that is Jamie Alexander Treays (or Jamie T) live at Brixton Academy, (he is AMAZING, highlight of the night: everyone stopped jumping and dancing to shout "good heavens you boys, blue blooded murder of the english culture - BLURGH"), and went down with the Nora Virus (HEY, THAT'S MY NAME!)
I hereby promise that I will blog MORE!

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