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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Tomorrow Can Never Be, Because Yesterday Is All That Fills My Mind.

As an update to *pia-pia-piano,* I have found an alternative: sellotaping a stick to your hand. Yes, it's great breaking news to all pianists with deformed hands, and it works too, if a bit awkward.

Anyway, it's been exactly one week since the best day of my life, and I think I'm in love. Not really, probably. It's just the fact that I get attracted to arms. Yeah, you did read right. And beautiful eyes. So beautiful. So beautiful I managed to write a song about them. The bridge even made me cry as I came to resolutions and realisations. Damn you, brain!! Don't worry, if you even were, I'll be over it by tomorrow, as per usual. Thing is, I do quite like the song. Me and Vickie Smith are writing chords for it on Friday. Exciting. It's probably the first song I've ever finished. I want to make people cry. I want to banish teenage girls to their rooms as they cry with heartbreak over a song I wrote, like I do. I want to be beautiful. Like really beautiful. I got told I was pretty the other day, that was nice. But still, I want to be so heartbreakingly beautiful that it's almost pathetic. I don't think this makes sence. This is the time when people start to walk away from me. Maybe if I was beautiful they wouldn't?

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