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Friday, 12 June 2009

I Scratched Our Names Into The Sand, You Told Me You Love Me.

Don't we all need someone to love? The One, Soul Mate, True Love, Prince Charming. This person hasn't come yet for me, and I can't even see them on the horizon. But hey, I'm waiting, which is pretty much all I can do until I'm unleashed into the big wide world. Until then, I'm free to fall in love as much as I want. My Mother once told me that love only exists when it's a two-way thing. A one-way love must be worse than that of two lovers falling out of love, which must be impossible, if they really were the before mentioned. Until I find the man I'm going to die with, I'll waste it all on my friends, my best friends, the best friends you could ever imagine.

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