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Monday, 7 September 2009

Oh Darling I Was Blind To Let You Go.

Anyone under fourteen who is reading this, stay that age. Things are getting more and more complicated and you don't have as much time to sort them out due to the devils gift also known as COURSEWORK. If you think that you have problems now, because boys are smelly and shizz, keep that mantra.

I'm the one in the furry hat; TK MAXX, £16.59.

Photograph©SPomell September 2009


  1. natttts! finally! you hadnt blogged in 2 weeks :O nice too have ya back :)

  2. Hahaa, I know, I have SO much coursework.

  3. thank god you have blogged ! its been so long !
    is that outside the brits?
    it doesn't look how i imagined? xx


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