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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Things I Have Loved I am Allowed To Keep.

My friend, unofficially the biggest Twilight obsessive in the world (if you are offended by this, please read on and tell me you wouldn't regret this), is getting a tattoo on her wrist of a vampire bite. Crazy girl.
This is one of my sister's photography. I absolutely adore this one. I made the rose with my super-duper origami skills.
Photograph©LHill July 2009


  1. i am one of those people who cannot stand twilightx) but i respect that your friend does. to each his/her own♥
    and i love your title! i am obsessed with regina spektor, and that song(:

  2. cute blog,
    i like your photos :)

  3. oh, thank you ever so for your comment! but dear, i just wanted you to know that i do not find the stories; all of the stories and short paragraphs are indeed from my own mind♥
    and i find the poems in my book of collected poems by Ms. Dickinson♥


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