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I'm little, red headed mess, more hair than mass or sense. All I really want to do is make something magical and show the world and have it be proud of me.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

If I Only Knew Your Name...

Well hello beautifuls, I feel like I haven't blogged in ages, so I just wanted to do a nice post, nothing deep or anything (for once?!), just an update. School actually factually owns me, I have so much art that I see my sketch book more than my mum and that's probably why I haven't done a post in over a week. Here are some picturloss i forgot to upload, or something. Noice.
Why to NEVER, EVER let Ronnie into your make-up bag/face. I'm not altogether sure about the Nutri-Grain box to be honest.
Yeah, that is my chin. I don't know why I like this picture, I just find it nice.

I can't remember if I did this picture already? It's a good picture though, even though it makes me look ma-hoos-ive.
This is a picture from way back when I had my amazing purple bug-eye glasses that I oh-so-tragically left on the tea-cup ride while dressed as a medieval person, as it goes.
...And finally, a painting I did at like Easter time, the only one I managed to picture before my camera got stolen in Kenya.
Muchos love, I'll try to blog more frequently from now on and also blog nicer shizz :)


Stay Beautiful ♥