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Monday, 17 August 2009

I Love The Way We Glow In Ultraviolet Light.

Considering that I used to blog every day, I haven't blogged in a long time. I have to say that I have missed this, but I shall do a MA-HOO-SIVE blog tomorrow, as I have just been cancelled on by my friends, so my schedule is free as a bird. Apart from the blog promised. Heres something to keep you (more me, to be honest) going. Ignore the little girl at the front pulling her pants down. From left to right, me, Cath, Shivum, Lily, Olivia and Zoe in a fountain maze at the exact moment we took a wrong step and the water sprang up and enveloped us as we ran through the water like parched children. All I remember is dragging Cath through the biggest shooter, pushing a random boy through, not realising he had his phone in his pocket (foolish boy, foolish Nats), and finally Olivia running towards me with her arms stretched to enclose me in a drenched hug while prisms flitted off of each of her five solitaire charms and into my vision.

Photograph ©JPanesar August 2009


  1. thank you so much for what you said. i'm so happy to know that i provoke such feelings to you! thank you :)!! and that photo is beautiful :) i love it. ♥

  2. you have a cute bog :)

    Love M

  3. such a cool photo! sounds like a lot of fun with some good friends :)

  4. Thats an amazing picture. Its taken so well.

  5. amazing photo,
    i love your blog :)


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