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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Life Is A Maze And Love Is A Riddle.

Today I went out on my own and listened to Razorlight's saddest songs so that I could mope around in the rain. I'm in the mood to fall head over heels in love, simply for something to do, but theres apparently a severe shortage round here. Problem is, even if there is someone I like, (and there IS) they never ever ever like me back. I'm fourteen years old and I am frigid. Which I don't mind, but other people seem to. Well, not so much mind, more just think its strange. But hey, I'm a strange person. Maybe thats where I'm going wrong. I want to be pretty, and thin, and to say witty things and not be so clumsy (as to not walking along southbank texting and not looking where I'm going and therefore walking right into the silver dude in a tutu (who is strangely fit) knocking him off of his box and landing on top of him), and not come out with my really weird insights to the world that everyone gives me looks for. I wish I could just get my point across.

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