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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Its Like Catching Lightning.

Theres a rather large spider scurrying along the edge of the room, making me doubt the hygiene in my house. Though I'm ever so slightly scared of him, I name him Spencer. Theres something about the way he moves so gracefully on so many legs that makes him discordingly beautiful despite his ugly grey shell that is making me cower my legs up onto my seat.
Today me and my friends hid in one of their cupboards, so as to strike fury among parentals, but from the hours 12:00-21:00 no one realised. Aah well, it was a nice cupboard, plus I bagged a few Beanie Babies and an old Baby Annabel doll who I renamed Rupert.


  1. you are lovely in that picture :)

    and oooh my god how i hate spiders. i'm completely irrational when i see one. in that situation i would probably be yelling for someone to come and kill it :)) oh my <3

  2. Thats a lovely picture of you and your friend.
    I've recently gotten over my fear of spiders...only to discover a bigger fear of mice.

  3. i love the name Spencer for a spider! FAB!


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