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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

And Here Is Where I'll Stay.

Nothing is ever all it cracked up to be. The stony sky makes me cold, thats why I'm holding myself across. The icy wind is lapping at my sensitive eyes, thats why you might see them brimming over. There are so many excuses, because I am so far gone that I don't even want to hurt anymore. I want to walk in the sun, but that's never an option when it's November eighteenth already. I've wasted a while, but learnt a fair lot. I don't want to hear from this stupid boy who I've probably been wrong about this whole time; Of course he knows that he left me heartbroken, and I just kept on. I deleted his number, I erased his face from my mind. I don't even remember his eye colour, I tell my self. Today I'll move on. I'll smile at the fit boy who was flirting with me last week. That's a start.
But I always finish before the start line, because this boy has changed to "In a Relationship" too on Facebook.


  1. Oh sweetheart- guys are just never worth it. I know exactly where you're coming from at the moment though. Hope you recieved you prize in one piece! I got really worried because of the postal strikes! Chin up and remember- life's never so bad that it can't get worse.


  2. oh tht suks bt you'll find someone who deserves you just the same amount or more
    dnt jst go for any sleezeball. wait, you have to be patient its hard i know bt its better to wait until mr. right comes along... hope ur ok :] have a happy happy day!!!


  3. shit.c'mon people...
    hmmm i agree with having a new start.
    you should.
    but dont try to find someone else.
    he will find you.
    i know that for sure:)
    and trust me he will come when least expected :)



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