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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

You Belong Arm In Arm With Me Baby.

Darling, you don't understand. For everyday I've loved you with all of my heart, there are three when you've left me a raged, tearstricken mess huddling on the linoleum kitchen floor. Darling, I loved you first, but I was what, a countless member of your unattatchment club. I started full of love, all for you, a warm heart that your cold fist froze into delicate spindled glass. The way that the cracks shine when I let the light in is simply beautiful, I have done this once since I last saw you.

See me here, crying on the linoleum kitchen floor? That was you. Darling.


  1. this is very deep.
    i hope u feel better.

  2. wow.lovely. :)
    gosh this boy doesnt get it,right?I wish I knew him...Then everytime I saw him I would scream my ass off : HEY YOU!YOU BELONG WITH NATALIE!WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING!!!!

    (There would probably be some swearing at the end...something like ...AND DO SOMETHING U JERK!,but lets keep it civilised :p)

    never ever ever forget how awesome u are;)


  3. nat, i love this!
    gosh, mankind should die.
    words cannot how much i hate these boys right now.
    but your blogs make me happy, theyre written so beautifully :']
    i love ya!


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