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I'm little, red headed mess, more hair than mass or sense. All I really want to do is make something magical and show the world and have it be proud of me.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Second Chance Is Second Best.

Sorry about the last post, 'twas a bit full on.
Lets start again. My name is Natalie Rose Hill, the Nora came partly from my shortness causing baggy tights, but mostly after getting really drunk at a house party and telling gatecrashers that my name was Nora and I was the lodger, and the name stuck. I'm short and I'm scruffy, I don't brush my hair and have baggy tights with holes in them. My nails are permanently peeling off in different colours for every layer and I'm so unlucky sometimes thats its really quite funny. I say like, like, all the time, its really annoying. My voice is really posh and it mostly mumbles a load of sentimental stuff that eventually twists into a smile and blushes my cheeks. I love to write, thats why I have a blog. I'd like to do a few outfit posts every now and then because I love fashion, but my camera leads dead, my sisters taken the two good laptops with card-readers in to uni and my computer and laptop don't have a card-reader, but for christmas I've asked for a good camera with a lead. I need to get fit, if I run for a bus I'll get on, breathe heavily and then trip over in front of five really fit boys who will laugh at me. Happens at least once a month.


  1. & i laave her :)

  2. Love ur posts they are so real and really make me laugh!

  3. Reality!!! You are a posh, posh thing, even if you think you're not. Go for it, girlena, and just live.



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