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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Smoke Will Soon Be Here.

I tell everyone I've moved on. Everyone. To be truly honest I thought I had, until seven days ago. Within my sickness I had a dream. A horrible dream, but so beautiful. And there you were with your fathomable eyes boring into me, while there I was, little old me, unloved by you, bewitched. I forgot what I'd do to make you love me, but nothing at all makes it happen,

Not even waiting, not even time.
Followers and commenters! I love you so, but my computers being a bitch and spazzing up when I try to comment you back, I'm not just being rude, honest.


  1. Ah, this feeling is known all too well, lovely. I wish I could tell you what to do to stop loving him, but alas, i am still in the situation of loving a boy who hasn't loved me for about a year now...
    hugs & hugs♥
    xx olivia

  2. oh, and i saw your status of "the misgivings of my heart are just feelings tread on by mistake" i am so glad you like what i write, it means ever so much to me♥

  3. Oh oh oh!Seriously girl,STORY OF MY LIFE.
    He doesnt know what hes missining not loving a girl so awesome as you. :)


  4. true true just wat fenia said.
    every girl is unique in there own way and
    you have been born with a gift you give ppl encouragement to be strong.


Stay Beautiful ♥