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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Looking Upwards, Falling Down.

So many things have changed in less than a year. Nobody really knew that I was so unhappy that I'd come home and scream and rip my hands to pieces with my own nails and teeth. I felt like the world wasn't on my side and because I have a past I had an excuse to act stupid and compulsively. I was SO wrong. I've been such a bitch, and I'm sorry to anyone who knows me for being like that. Looking back at all my old posts, I can see that I've changed so much. I've stopped caring whether or not the worlds against me, whether I wasn't meant to be happy, because it's probably true, and theres not all that much you can do for karma, you know. I'm tempted to start again, new blog, new me, but I'm not sure. I might delete my old posts up until August because if I don't want to remember, why should I inflict that on anyone else? If anyone feels bad as I did, as impossible as it seems, its so easy to stop. Smile, hope and open up and things will go right, if not now then eventually. Sorry for the ramble, I just want to prove that I've changed. Posts will be better from now on,


  1. You should do whatever you think is best for you.And its not your fault that maybe you turned into a bitch,its just what situations made you.Dont worry and just try to be yourself from now on.Be random and be you.
    Theres nothing better than that!


  2. I agree with Fenia.

    But those old posts are also a part of you. As much as the past can suck, it's still made you who you are today. So...well, it's ultimatly up to you, but I would keep them.


  3. I know what you mean about feeling like you are a completely different person than your past self.


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